November brings Gratitude

It is that time of the year when we naturally think of “Thanksgiving”. This is a time for caring family, friends, and gratitude for having both. Gratitude doesn’t need to just come once a year. Making gratitude a part of everyday can actually improve your life.

Openly appreciating those around you will cause a positive reaction from them; that causes them to respond favorably, and your brain will make the translation that you are happy, connecting with others and satisfied with your life. The more you look for the positives in others, the longer you will extend your feelings of positivity. People who feel this way treat themselves better, are more productive, and have better work, relationship, and family outcomes.

Some ways to stay in gratitude:

  1. Jot down some names of people who could use a “boost”. Think of things that you can say that may make a difference in their day. Journal your feelings about their reactions.
  2. Start your day with a “Gratitude Statement.” This can be about the beautiful fall leaves, that you are having coffee with a friend, or that you are just glad to be you.
  3. Let your best friends know when you need support. Don’t let yourself get low. Share what you are thinking and feeling. Let them bring you up… You already paid it forward!
  4. Grab a book on gratitude; there are zillions out there; there are even gratitude apps.

All in all, gratitude is life changing. Try engaging in everyday gratitude. You’ll be grateful you did.