Women’s Advisory Board Presentation Series

Women’s Advisory Board Presentation Series

1. Dr. Nicole Gress / May 18th / 4 pm / “Mental Health and the Hormone Component – Medications we can utilize in Third Trimester”.
Dr. Randhawa / “Impact of Stress during pregnancy and after”.

2. Dr. Nutan Vaidya / June 17th / 2 pm / “Resilience During/Post Pandemic”.
Dr. Randhawa / “Self-care during COVID”.

3. Dr. Miral Amin / July 16th / 2 pm / “Mental Health Care of Patients with Breast Cancer”.
Dr. Randhawa / “How to access capacity to make decisions”.

4. Dr. Loury / August 10th / 5 pm / “Mental Health Awareness in the Community and How we can monitor and support on a continuous basis”.
Dr. Randhawa / “411 mental health in urban communities”.

5. Dr. Hiren Ghayal / September 17th / 3 pm / “Practicing self-care physically and mentally especially during COVID”.
Dr. Randhawa / “Impact of COVID vaccine on mental health”.

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