A Nurse in Behavioral Health

Nurses are often the people patients interact with most in any hospital setting. They play an important role within the treatment team and often provide both physical and emotional support for patients and their families.

Veronica Hughes, Chief Nursing Officer of Silver Oaks, reminisces on why she chose to become a nurse, “I always had an interest in the medical field. Being able to help others when they are at their highest need is rewarding. Especially when there is a positive outcome and the patient makes gains in their health”.

Particularly when it comes to mental health, nurses take on additional responsibilities that may not be typical for a medical floor nurse. Many people receiving mental health treatment may not have the support of family or friends. Veronica elaborates on one these additional responsibilities, “Advocacy. Many of our patients are unable to advocate for themselves either due to their disease process or because they have limited means. It is our job to ensure the best possible outcome for our patient to be successful once they are out of the hospital”.

Silver Oaks Behavioral Hospital is very fortunate to have a team of qualified and caring nurses to ensure our patients and their families receive the support they need to be successful once they leave our hospital. “Our nurses are compassionate, smart, and want the very best for their patients. They are not only aware of the psychiatric needs of their patients; they are fantastic at identifying their medical needs as well. They advocate for their patients during their course of treatment and are kind and caring individuals. You could not ask for a better group of individuals to provide for the mental health needs of community”.

Our patients get to experience this kind and dedicated care throughout their stay. We are so thankful to our team of nurses!

For more information about our programs, or to schedule a free mental health assessment, please call (844) 580-5000.